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This screw booster line is appropriate for compressing of air/gas and it is a perfect combination of the traditional systems used for the production of the compressed air up to 45 bar and the advanced technologies that make this package the leader of its sector.
The best choice for your needs. This booster line is appropriate for the compression of air and gases like nitrogen, argon, methane etc. and are the perfect answer for the applications where these gas are re- quired dried and “oil free”.
High efficiency and low energy consumption combined with high reliability make these stations a perfect choice for those who want to respect the environment and get a simple innovative design. This industrial booster with a direct or belt drive can be used for a continuous service even 24-hour, permits to adapt its capacity to the actual demand thanks to the proportional control valve at suction and the variable speed operation.

Main Data

Up to 45 KW Power
Up to 6-40 bar Pressure
Up to 10000 l/min Flow Rate
Model Model F.A.D. @max pressure (m3/h) Pumping unit type Suction pressure (bar) Discharge pressure (bar min/max) Power (Kw/HP) Inlet volume (m3/h)
SB18-40RB 192 SB80-1 6/14 20-40 18,5/25 192
SB22-40RB 252 SB80-1 6/14 20-40 22/30 252
SB30-40RB 396 SB80-2 6/14 25-40 30/40 396
SB37-40RB 528 SB80-2 7/14 30-40 37/50 528
SB45-40RB 600 SB80-2 7/12 40 45/60 600