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Roma Oil-free screw air compressor water injected at variable speed

Compression technology

The compressors belonging to the range ROMA have fewer moving parts if compared to compressors of other brands (especially the two-stage dry ones), plus they run at very low speeds and with balanced loads on the bearings. As a consequence, they have a longer life and lower operating costs. The maximum flow temperature is about 60 °C. This determines a compression that is very close to the ideal one, that is to say isothermal.

The range ROMA has great advantages if compared to the traditional “oil-free” compression technology. As a matter of fact, it does not need oil nor an air/oil separator and, as a consequence, it has no transmission gears, no oil pump nor oil filters. In addition, the single screw compression with two satellites has balanced compression loads and, therefore, avoids excessive stresses on the bearings.

Main Data

Up to 132 KW Power
Up to 10 bar Pressure
Up to 23 m3/min l/min Flow Rate

Technical characteristics

Model Nominal Power kW - hp Maximum Pressure (bar) Free Air Delivery m3/min Air Outlet Diameter (inch) Cooling water flow (W models) m3/h Water flow (A/W models) l/min Noise level dB Weight kg Dimensions mm
ROMA 5,5-10 A/W INV 5,5 - 7,5 10 0,2 - 0,63 3/4" 1,5 10 57 460 800x800x1200
ROMA 7,5-10 A/W INV 7,5 - 10 10 0,3 - 0,84 3/4" 2 10 57 510 800x800x1200
ROMA 11-10 A/W INV 11 - 15 10 0,45 - 1,47 1" 2,5 26 60 620 1200x855x1335
ROMA 15-10 A/W INV 15 - 20 10 0,65 - 1,89 1" 3,5 26 60 670 1200x855x1335
ROMA 18,5-10 A/W INV 18,5 - 25 10 0,9 - 2,94 1" 4 30 63 730 1400x1010x1340
ROMA 22-10 A/W INV 22 - 30 10 0,97 - 3,15 1" 5 40 63 780 1400x1010x1340


The ROMA series compressors are available in a wide range of powers (from 5.5 to 132 kW) and pressures (8 and 10 bar) and they are alla configured in variable speed version (INV). The air delivery ranges from 0.2 to 23 m3/min.
The installation of this screw compressor package is extremely simple. No foundations are required. It is sufficient to place the unit in the foreseen site that must be level ant to do the following connections: • Electrical connection from the supply to the electric panel on the unit itself • Pneumatic connection from the unit to the air receiver or to the distribution line • Hydraulic connection to a water supply. The water can be potable. In any case filtration to maintain suitable hardness and electrical conductibility can be supplied as optional
The control and regulation system used in this unit elaborates the pressure signals received by the sensor included inside converting them into signals that modify the free air capacity. With a correct programming it is assured a stabile flow of compressed air to match the variable demand with a minimum pressure variation. The electronic panel is capable of: • To keep under control of all parameters included in the unit • To modify the programmed conditions as required (within the pre-set limits) • To determine maintenance requirements • To program the stop and start of unit in accordance to the requirements. There are in the electronic panel itself luminous displays to visualise the following: • One display to indicate the operating pressure • One display to indicate the operating temperature • Alarm messages • State messages • Maintenance message There is also visible: • Start push button • Delayed stop pushbutton • Emergency stop pushbutton • It is also included a programming button that allows to the user to modify the operating parameters of the compressor itself (within the pre-set limits) to adapt them to the eventual specific requirements.